We have no other choice than to put the festival on hold, due to the current health situation.
Please accept our apologies.
Enjoy your Summer


Festival 2020 

Dear music lovers,

The program of Festival Catharina has been ready for months and the artists have responded enthusiastically to our invitation.

A lot of uncertainty still surrounds our festival, but we decided to go ahead. The artists are committed to perform and we must support them during this period, which may be more difficult for them than for us.

As for the financing of the festival - 90% of the funds go to the artists, the remaining 10% cover the organization costs - nothing is sure at the moment. Indeed, although our file has been kindly accepted, no response has been given yet. And private sponsors are unable to participate at the moment.

Consequences of the virus…….

To make the event possible, we therefore turn to you and appeal to your generosity. We need to collect a minimum of 5,000 euros.

Your help is welcomed. You can contribute on the account BE39 7340 4159 4619, opened in the name of Pro Musica Pulchra. Please mention your name, email address and indicate in communication "DONATION" for an irrevocable donation or "LOAN" that would be refunded if the Festival cannot be held.

We would like to thank you in the name of all the persons involved in the Festival.

 12 concerts 

on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in August from 12.15 p.m. to 1 p.m.

August 4 Sonoro Quartet : Paul Heyman, cello | Jeroen de Beer, violin | Séamus Hickey, altviolin | Mona Verhas, violin.

August 5 Trio Franor : Anna Vegrim Ryvænge, Ingrid Horvei Lyslo, Marine Bouttier, guitar.

August 6 : Pascal Ormancey, viola da gamba and vièle

August 11 : Delle Donne Consort, Frederike Van Lindt, Johanna Lambrechts, Lieve De Sadeleer et Kinga Ludvai, flutes

August 12 : Clément Pic, guitar

August 13 : Duo Kiasma, Pierre Fontenelle, cello | Frin Wolter, accordion

August 18 : Sarah Van Mol , soprano | Jeroen Vrancken, oboe | Jan Van Mol, organ

August 19 : Duo des Naïades, Cécile Marichal, harp | Sandrine Desmet, flute

August 20 : Ensemble Seraphim, Rachel Heymans, recorder, …| Raffaella Bortolini, chalémie, bombarde …| Daniel Serafini, sackbut…

August 25 : Vanessa Fodil, mezzo | Françoise Weeger, viola da gamba

August 26 : Pauline Van der Rest, violin

August 27 : A’Meuse saxophone quartet, Adèle Querinjean, Astrid Tison, Jori Klomp, Thibault Collienne, saxophone


Access to the concert is always free 

and we count on your generosity

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